The Anand group is a great place to do research! We strive to maintain both a positive working environment and a rigorous level of scholarship. Employers want to hire individuals who can communicate well, think critically, and work well in a team. We structure our group with these end goals in mind.

The Group News

08/01/17 – Julia presented her poster in the Hach Atrium!

07/28/17 – Brook presented her poster at the Biorenewable Laboratory!

06/19/17 – Welcome to Brook, our summer intern with the Young Engineers and Scientists Program!

06/13/17 – Min’s research paper on selective capture of circulating tumor cells at a wireless electrode array is accepted at JACS!

06/04/17 – Welcome to Julia from Beijing Normal University to join in as our summer intern!

04/012/17 – Congratulations to Beatrise and Jan on being awarded the ISU Teaching Excellence Awards, and Min has been chosen to receive the Dr. Ching Ching Chiu Doctoral Fellowship for Women in Chemistry Award!

04/07/17 – Congratulations! Zihan Yang presented group research at the 31st annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) at the University of Memphis!

01/18/17 – Welcome to our new undergraduate students Anna Schlueter and Eric Rasmussen!

12/01/16 – Dr. Anand was invited to give a seminar talk in ISU Chemical and Biological Engineering. The talk was titled “Electrokinetic Separation of Selected Cells and Metabolites from Peripheral Blood: Applications in Rare Cell Capture and Kidney Disease Management”.

11/21/16 – The group is growing! Wecome new members Joe, Jan and Sungu to the lab!

10/26/16 – Beatrise, Ben and Min presented their posters at ACS Midwest Regional Meeting at Manhattanm, KS!

10/14/16 – Min presented the group’s work on high-throughput selective capture of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) at MUACC , which was held at U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

09/16/16 – Congratulations! Dr. Anand has her second baby Harini!

09/09/16 – Congratulations to Min for successfully completing her preliminary oral exam!

07/08/16 – Beatrise and Min presented their posters at PNWWSR in Oregon!

03/03/16 – Our review paper on ion concentration polarization (ICP) is accepted at the Analyst!

11/25/15 – The group welcomes Beatrise to the lab!

08/03/15 – The Anand group begins.