The Anand group is a great place to do research! We strive to maintain both a positive working environment and a rigorous level of scholarship. Employers want to hire individuals who can communicate well, think critically, and work well in a team. We structure our group with these end goals in mind.

The Group News

1/18/17 - Welcome to our new undergraduate students Anna Schlueter and Eric Rasmussen!

12/1/16 - Dr. Anand was invited to give a seminar talk in ISU Chemical and Biological Engineering. The talk was titled “Electrokinetic Separation of Selected Cells and Metabolites from Peripheral Blood: Applications in Rare Cell Capture and Kidney Disease Management”.

11/21/16 - The group is growing! Wecome new members Joe, Jan and Sungu to the lab!

10/26/16 - Beatrise, Ben and Min presented their posters at ACS Midwest Regional Meeting at Manhattanm, KS!

10/14/16 - Min presented the group's work on high-throughput selective capture of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) at MUACC , which was held at U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

9/16/16 - Congratulations! Dr. Anand has her second baby Harini!

9/9/16 - Congratulations to Min for successfully completing her preliminary oral exam!

7/8/16 - Beatrise and Min presented their posters at PNWWSR in Oregon!

3/3/16 - Our review paper on ion concentration polarization (ICP) is accepted at the Analyst!

11/25/15 - The group welcomes Beatrise to the lab!

8/3/15 - The Anand group begins.